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Standards and Guidelines for Participation

Membership to the National Orthotics Network is limited to those MED members making the commitment to provide excellence in Orthotic services. Network members will take the necessary steps in their practices to provide only the highest level of orthotic care to their patients. To make this commitment the following criteria for membership to MED’s National Orthotics Network must be met.   

I. General Criteria: 

  • Active MED member in good standing. 
  • Accredited by one of the MED recognized independent accrediting agencies. 

II. Supplier Criteria:  

National Orthotic Network Members agree to purchase at least seventy five percent (75%) of their orthotic and orthotic softgoods components and supplies from current MED contracted manufacturers. National Orthotic Network Members will participate in MED or Business Partner sponsored marketing focus groups and surveys, which may include MED’s Contracture Management Program. 

 III. Clinical & Staff Criteria: 

  • MED Orthotics Network Members must only provide those products and services that are consistent with their credentialed staffing levels. The following criteria describes the credentialed staff necessary for the provision of each level of service for a Member of the network:
    • Off-The-Shelf (OTS) or Custom Fitted Bracing: Employ at least one full-time person who is trained and credentialed in the fitting of OTS bracing. A certified Orthotist or Prosthetist meets this requirement, as well as a COF.  Members in states where a COF or CFO certification is not currently required should be working toward having this minimum level for their staff providing orthotics.
    • Diabetic Footwear: If you are certified under American Board for Certification in Orthotics, (ABC) in a state requiring licensure, then you must employ at least one full-time trained and credentialed fitter of therapeutic footwear (ABC only). If you are certified under the Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) in a state requiring licensure, then you must employ at least one full-time certified orthotic fitter (BOC only).  If custom fabricated inserts are indicated, these must be provided by a certified Pedorthist, certified Orthotist, or certified Prosthetist. 
    • Custom Fabricated Orthotics and/or Prosthetics: Employ at least one full-time trained and credentialed Orthotist and/or Prosthetist, depending upon the scope of products provided. Members who are working toward providing Custom Fabricated Orthotics or Prosthetics may belong to the network, but they may not provide Custom Orthotics or Prosthetics until they employ and maintain suitably credentialed personnel. This is in compliance with federal guidelines and regulations. 

IV. Specific Orthotics Member Criteria: 

  • Participation in network activities which could include peer consultation and annual meeting. 
  • Willingness to share marketing materials, policy manuals, forms, etc. 
  • Willingness to formulate and participate in the network’s benchmarking activities 
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