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Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA) Partners with Evaluate Ltd to Provide Streamlined Access to Key Pharmaceutical Pipeline and Business Intelligence 
March 15, 2016 (Florham Park, NJ): Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA), a leading health care services and technology company focused on the alternate site health care provider marketplace, today announces the launch of a collaboration with Evaluate Ltd, a life science market intelligence and forecasting leader. 
This collaboration will give MHA pharmacy members consolidated access to leading-edge drug approval and market impact information, so that they can easily synthesize the information into their operations and efficiently plan for expanded patient management programs.  The value of easy access to actionable information in this field is rapidly increasing as health care continues to evolve and grow in complexity and the FDA approves new targeted therapies that change the landscape of patient care. In 2015 alone, the FDA approved 45 new molecular entities (NME) in several major disease states directly impacting the post-acute care market. 
Erik Halstrom, Vice President of MHA Specialty Pharmacy Solutions, comments, "As we evaluated a number of solutions for our members, Evaluate stood out as a market leader in providing superior quality pharmaceutical industry market data and analysis.  We are excited about our newly formed collaboration in offering access to market leading services and solutions that our members have come to expect." 
Dr. Kimberly Binaso, Pharm.D., Vice President of Clinical Services for MHA, adds, "Pharmacists need access to reliable drug pipeline information to monitor and assess novel therapies that may enter the US market.  This information is essential given that new drugs approved by the FDA can impact current patient care treatment paradigms for a particular disease state.  By partnering with Evaluate, MHA members will now be able to access validated pipeline information to help keep them apprised of the future drug therapy landscape." 
"Evaluate is delighted to be collaborating with MHA on this important initiative for its members.  We look forward to working closely with MHA to empower members with improved data to enable more effective decision-making", said Paul Verdin, Head of Evaluate's Custom Services group.  
About MHA  
Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA) is a leading health care services and technology company focused on the alternate site health care provider marketplace. MHA provides expertise in Group Purchasing, Managed Care and Payer Contracting, Reimbursement Management, Specialty Pharmacy Solutions, Pharmaceutical Data Analytics, Consultant Pharmacy Software and Legislative Advocacy. Through the delivery of innovative and timely health care services and solutions, MHA helps members increase operational efficiency, maximize business growth and provide optimum care for their patients. For more information, please visit www.mhainc.com. 
About Evaluate Ltd 
Evaluate is the trusted source for life science market intelligence and analysis with exclusive consensus forecasts to 2020. Our subscription services include EvaluatePharma, EvaluateClinical Trials and EvaluateMedTech. Evaluate Custom Services provides project-based analytical and data services. Our award-winning editorial team, EP Vantage, leverages our strategic analysis to cut through the noise, giving you daily opinion and insights. The Evaluate services enable the life science community to make sound business decisions about value and opportunity. For more information, please visit www.evaluate.com
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