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Member Value 

The MED Group can help you stay competitive in a dynamic market. The MED Group's combined network strength and GPO allows MED to connect independent HME providers with Business Partners, payers, and referral sources. MED is able to offer access to more patients through our negotiated Payer contracts and provide Members with the business tools and programs they need to strengthen their market position while running their businesses efficiently and cost-effectively.  

‣ Group Purchasing & Revenue Enhancement

There is power in numbers: we negotiate agreements with preferred terms and conditions on behalf of our Membership. The terms and conditions we achieve may not be available to the general marketplace.

‣ Cost Containment Offerings 

We focus on helping you control costs to sustain profitability and long term viability in a dynamic and challenging market. With The MED Group, you gain access to hundreds of categories of high quality products that can reduce the cost of business necessities.        

‣ Education & Training

Continuing staff education and training is a requirement of all accrediting bodies and many regulatory agencies. MED’s education solutions help you offer your staff appropriate educational opportunities in a number of ways.     

‣ Competitive Bid Support

The MED Group Competitive Bidding Institute™ is a comprehensive program created to assist MED Members through the competitive bidding process and the changes that MED Members will need to make to prepare their companies to compete in the new environment that competitive bidding will bring to the DME industry.   

‣ Networks & Networking 

The MED Group offers a variety of specialized networks for MED Members, which enables MED and its Business Partners to offer special benefits and services to strengthen the business of the provider.      

‣ Payer Development

With The MED Group, you gain access to payer contracts (covering over 175 million lives) that may not be accessible on an individual basis, for new referral sources and revenue streams.      

‣ Legislative Affairs

What’s important to you is important to us: our legislative affairs and advocacy group organizes grassroots activities through the year both at the local level and on Capitol Hill. This provides our Members with the opportunity to be heard by the legislators, and educates legislators on the value our Members bring to the healthcare system and patients.    

‣ Sales Resources

MED's National Account Managers (NAMs), Personal Account Representatives (PARs), network directors, and consultants help ensure HME provider & partner success. MED's sales team knows and understand the HME business and its associated intricacies, and is ready to help Members drive revenue and lower HME supply costs to maximize margins.    

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